These little signs I made for a kindergarten group (“bunnies” and “bears”).



Autumn has arrived with yellow, but sky is still blue :). This little mobile melody box I made for my little one. It can be hanged in a pram, and makes mother and baby smile (and sleep). This is not in production yet, but if you have an interest, please contact me: mail@suvituulijunttila.com.


This is what happens when tape gets wild… New book out now! kustantamo.sets.fi
Video by me and Vuokko.


I have been updating my web portfolio, and added a lot of my latest works from Me Naiset magazine. I have had the pleasure to work for Me Naiset for last 3,5 years and have really enjoyed. You can find the layouts which I have made from here and here.


Finally the book I made together with Vuokko Hurme, “Leikkimään, teippi!” (“Let’s play, tape!”) is out! You can find the book in book stores, libraries and forexample here: www.sets.fi. For more images click here. Schildts & Söderströms, 2016


Happy 1st of May! This little stop motion animation we made for Me Naiset magazine with my colleagues Aino Korpela, Helmi Järvinen and Jutta Aaltio. It was fun!


I have been working lately for a very nice children’s book with my old class mate, journalist and kids culture specialist Vuokko Hurme. The story of Leila playing with tape, “Leikkimään, teippi!”, will be published August 2016 by Schildts & Söderströms.



A cool work for Me Naiset women’s weekly magazine, issue 44/2015 is ready. The article was about parfumes for different moods,
and I made the collage style illustrations for it. You can watch all the pictures and ready layouts from here.
Photos MVPhotos/Seasons Agency and Shutterstock.


Warm August nights are here, and I have been working on lately on a small animation project based on my children’s book illustrations. We were sitting with my good friend and super patient co-worker Nina Farsen in a small dark room for 2 weeks,
and learned by doing how to do stop motion animation :). 2 small animations were captured, but lot of work is still waiting to
be done. Anyway it was fun! Coming soon…! Photo by Nina Farsen.

Great small hint of my book in Helsingin Sanomat Teema issue 5/2014. Leena Virtanen, a free journalist and children’s book activist says: “The best children’s book of the year is Suvi-Tuuli Junttila’s visually wonderful Minne matka, lapanen?”. : )

Finally they arrived! “Minne matka, lapanen?” (“Where to go, knitted mitten?”) is out from printing house, and I feel happy : ).
More than two years of work and planning has finally come to something concrete. You can order the book in HERE, also with acknowledgements : ). More about the book you can read HERE. If you need full image of the book cover, you can download it HERE.

“Minne matka, lapanen?” The story of little lost knitted mitten and an acorn are on it’s way… to be published later in autumn 2014! Read more here.

I have been working on my next children’s book since 2 years now. Finally it will come out this autumn by Schildts & Söderströms in Finnish and Swedish. Here one of my favorite pictures of two little adventurers… Coming soon : )

This image for a powder test was published few weeks ago in Me Naiset women’s magazine (6/2014). We made this beauty picture together with my colleague, photographer Panu Pälviä. It was fun to play with the powders and cake papers like stencil style. And I think the result is pretty cool too. More Me Naiset beauty images you can find here.

Spring has finally arrived to Helsinki. Actually much earlier than usually. Just to remind, my first book “Missä, tässä, jossakin…” is still available in some book stores. And you can also anytime order it straight from me, for price 20 euros including dedication : ). Just email me: mail@suvituulijunttila.com. Also available in Korean!

On the way to be shipped to Korea! I will take part to The 8th Cheongju International Craft Biennale in South Korea.
If you happen to be around on 11th September to 20th October, please visit Finland’s Pavilion. There is some Fungimaa
mushrooms and my book in Korean. Welcome!

So happy!!! Thank’s to my great Korean friend Jihyun Ryou, my book “Missä, tässä, jossakin…” has now published in Korea too by Little Mountain Publishing. Small step for a human, but big step for a small nut, bottle top, screw and hook : )
(Actually a very big step for me too!)

New season and new colours! Check out: www.fungimaa.com/shop

This is how Restaurant Rulla in Helsinki looks like with Fungimaa pillows, unique made for them. Rulla is in the same space with Nudge Helsinki shop (Yrjönkatu 30). Nudge Helsinki is selling also Fungimaa pillows.

New season ready to be picked up! Fungimaa will be presenting a pop-up shop in Nudge Helsinki for October 2012.
Welcome to Yrjönkatu 30 to enjoy season’s delicacies!

Finally the lamp is almost ready. Different colour versions will come later under the “Products” site.
I decided that the name of the lamp is “Shy”, because that is what she is.

Almost a lamp… I have been planning to make this lamp for 5 years, and now it has finally reached it´s body.
A piece of folded aluminium and a tale. Only the “hat” is still missing. But I am working on it…

Happy New Year 2012! In Helsinki it means the year of World Design Capital, I am looking forward to see it!
My wish for this year is to continue with book illustrations, hopefully to make the next story for Missä, tässä, jossakin…

One of four images we built up together with my colleague Veera Näsänen for Finnair’s Blue Wings magazine’s
latest issue, Christmas presents article. Other two you can watch in “Illustration” part.
This was fun! Photos by Mikko Hannula.

Seasons greetings! Mushroom season is here, and these small ones are just waiting to be planted in the city…
More mushrooms: www.fungimaa.com

My book “Missä, tässä, jossakin…” won the 1st prize of Mikkeli’s 9th Illustration Triennale! Very happy!!!

I was asked to design one shop window for my book ”Missä, tässä, jossakin…”.
I built it up with Mario last Monday. It will stay few weeks. Have a look if you pass by!
WSOY shop, Bulevardi 12, Helsinki.

Finally my book “Missä, tässä, jossakin…” is out!!!
Here few images from the book to give you a bit feeling about it. More you can watch in parts “Illustration” and “Graphics”.
All images are made in a small scale model by using different materials.
The story is about small objects – nut, screw, hook and bottle top – and their adventures.

Happy New Year 2011!! I am very much looking forward to it, because in one month my book “Missä, tässä, jossakin…” (“Where, here, somewhere…”) will be published ! ! ! ! This image is a bit about what is going to come out. The book was originally my master thesis work for Design Academy Eindhoven in Holland, where I graduated 2008. The book will be published by Finnish publisher WSOY on 8th of February.

One of three landscapes we built up together with my colleague Veera Näsänen for Finnair’s Blue Wings
magazine’s Christmas presents article. Other two you can watch in “Illustration” part.
Also Fungimaa mushrooms got in the photo! Photo by Piia Arnould.

Market and mushrooms in Habitare Fair, last weekend in Helsinki.

I am gonna exhibit my “Fungimaa” mushrooms in Habitare Furniture Fair in Helsinki, 1st, 4th and 5th of September.
Also some mushrooms in DIY exhibition at Kaapelitehdas on Helsinki Design Week. Welcome!

YES! “Fungimaa” web page has opened! Lot of mushrooms! Check it out: www.fungimaa.com

First trial with silver, and it worked nice. The size of this little necklace is 17 mm.
Made of silver clay by hand, burned in 900ºC, and came out from oven as silver 999. It is magic!

Spring greetings from Athens!

New mushroom colours: purple, dark red and white fake leather.


New ice cube photos and happy new year from Helsinki!


Finally available!
Prices up from 50 euros.
Enquiries and pre-orders, contact: mail@suvituulijunttila.com