Me Naiset 46/2019
I this illustration for article about reality tv people in Finland between 2001and 2019. Original photos by Sanoma and Shutterstock.

Me Naiset Barbie’s 60th Birthday party article
This is one of my favourite works. I built up these small sceneries for Barbie doll’s 60th Birthday. It was great fun to plan all the interior for her home. Photos by Johanna Jarva. Me Naiset 31/2019, Sanoma Lifestyle. Read the full article here.

Me Naiset Story
This is a serie of illustrations I made for Me Naiset magazine on summer 2018. The serial story “Sisareni elämä” (“My sister’s life”), included 8 parts, one in each magazine. The story was written by Anneli Kanto. The main character of the story went through a big metamorphosis of her life, and there came the idea of changing image each time graphically and colourwise. The original illustration was from iStockphoto, modified in InDesign.




Me Naiset Parfumes
Here is an collage illustration I made for Me Naiset women’s weekly magazine’s parfume article. The idea was to illustrate parfumes for different moods (peaceful, powerful, fresh sporty and sexy). Me Naiset, issue 44/2015.
Text by Ia Luhtanen, Photos by MVPhotos/Seasons Agency, Getty Images, Shutterstock, Juha Salminen and producers