Alphabets of Anything/Master Thesis (MDE’s)
In short: As adults we are so used to objects surrounding us, that we hardly think about their meaning. But a child, without experience, for who everything is new and unknown, might live every day an adventure. Things, objects and places get new meanings and new purposes. My objective was to support and give a spark to children for imaginative play by storytelling. I wanted to tell a story with objects, and with these objects a child may create more stories. Sometimes non-ready-made play material can leave more space for imaginative play than real toys. In the end, anything can be a toy, when the meaning of the toy is only limited by the eye of the beholder.
Master Thesis, Design Academy Eindhoven, Humanitarian Design and Sustainable LIving, 2008

Below some results of play with random objects with four kids between 3 and 5 years which was part of the research for my master thesis. Helsinki, 2008. This play inspired me with the book “Hidden Stories” which was part of my final thesis, and was later published under name “Missä, tässä, jossakin…” by WSOY, 2011.