1 pixel = 1 litre
This project we made together with my study mate Regis Lemberthe as an imaginative project for sanitation problem in India.
The data visualisation above shows how much water is used by one person, in one year, for flushing urine and faeces by water toilet, typically used in western countries. 1 pixel = 1 litre.

Below is a picture which shows how little is the result when using a composting toilet – typically the waste breaks down to 10% of its original volume. Design Academy Eindhoven, 2007

Our idea was to bring the knowledge and positive effects of composting toilets to India’s poor areas where is a big lack of toilets and the knowledge of hygiene, and which causes thousands of deaths – especially kids – every year. The objective of a composting toilet is to destroy all the harmful pathogens, and turn the waste nutrients to fertile soil which can be used in agriculture. Ecological composting toilets can protect human health and the environment while limiting the use of water in sanitation systems for hand washing only. Below some scetches how a toilet, forexample in school, could look like.