Me Naiset 27-33/2023
This is a serie of illustrations I made for Me Naiset magazine on summer 2023. The serial story “Runsauden meri” (“The Sea of Richness”) written by Joonatan Tola, included 7 parts, one in each magazine. The story is about a bit yuppie-hipster guy who works as a copywriter, and gets pleasure of shopping endlessly unneeded stuff (25 skateboards, bikes etc…), but is a bit lost in his life. Things start to get a bit wrong direction when his girlfriend disappears, there comes a water damage in his flat and he has to move to an storage at the attick of the ex-girlfriend. In the end he finds himself from Hotel Pharma Resort, where he gets “seven portal treatments” by a new age guru. It is a funny and a bit absurd story, and I really enjoyed making the illustration. The big idea behind the illustration is water which keeps rising until the last treatment, an under water “new born ceremony”. I made the illustrations by using my old light table, colorful foils, old Letraset letters, mixxed stuff and paper insects – very lo-fi. The photos were taken by Panu Pälviä at Sanoma studio. I really love the end result!

Me Naiset 52/2022
These illustrations I made for Me Naiset magazine to an article about Trends of 2023 written by Pauliina Grönholm and photographed by Mikko Hannula. The trends are about well being, leisure and social media, technology, economy and society. I really enjoyed this project :). You can see the full layout here and animation which we made here.

Me Naiset 31/2023
The following images are made for feature article by Virpi Salmi about cottage phenomena in Finland. I made the illustration and layout for the article by searching old archive photos from Finna and Sanoma archive, making them to Polaroid look-a-like, and building small miniature settings around them including classical Finnish cottage objects, like game “Mölkky” and even mouse shit :). I love this kind of works. Also the text is great, and the pictures have a side story, a small cottage game with different tasks. Photos were taken by Panu Pälviä at Sanoma studio.

(Polaroid-look-a-like photos credits in order: 1. (red background) Jarmo Poutanen/Museovirasto; 2. (Crocks shoes) Kansantaiteen kuvakokoelma/Museovirasto; 3. (sunglasses) Pohjois-Karjalan museo; 4. (sauna) Päivi Huotari/Sanoma archive; 5. (wood work) Espoon kaupunginmuseo; 6. (mölkky game) Viljo Kaita/Lappeenrannan museot; 7. (beer and sausage) Lappeenrannan museot; 8. (dishes) Pohjois-Karjalan museo; 9. (berries) Yleinen merivartiokokoelma/Kymenlaakson museo and Hilkka Säynäjäkangas-Raitala/Museovirasto).

Me Naiset 5/2023
This article written by Pauliina Grönholm is about home mothers, their solutions to combine family life and even work, and what the society thinks about that. I made the illustration and layout by building up small sceneries, which were photographed by Anna Huovinen at Sanoma studio. I really loved this work :).

Me Naiset 33/2020
This article by Jenni Kleemola is about Finnish health care. People who have money can have easier access to private health care, while others with less money have more difficulties to get time for doctor. Sometimes one has to choose between food and teeth. I made the illustration by using modeling clay and transparent foil which was great fun. The photos were taken by Anna Huovinen in Sanoma studio. See the whole article here.

Me Naiset 46/2022
These small illustrations and paper koffins I made for an article about trends of burial written by Heidi Heino. The pictures are taken by Mikko Hannula at Sanoma studio. We made also small videos which you can watch here.

Me Naiset 37/2020
This article by Virpi Salmi is about addictive horoscopes. We had a brainstorm with photographer Mikko Hannula about the illustration, and decided to try something new for us. I painted everything with colours which are shining only in uv light. Luckily it worked out very well also in photos, specially online – in print the colours got a bit weaker. I have to say that this is one of my top 5 work assignments. I loved to have my hands on real stuff :).

Me Naiset 15/2023
This article by Virpi Salmi is about buying car. How to make the decision, what to consider, electric or gas etc. I built up the illustration by using Shutterstock image prints of stores and parking areas, and adding small toy cars and miniature people into the landscapes. Photos were taken by Panu Pälviä. I think the end result came quite good.

Me Naiset web
This illustration I made for Me Naiset online article about being annoyed of things, which was written by Eveliina Linkoheimo. This image is made “old school” way by drawing and writing, scanning and then building up the image in InDesign. It was nice to do also sometimes with this technique.

Me Naiset 46/2019
I this illustration for article about reality tv people in Finland between 2001 and 2019. Original photos by Sanoma and Shutterstock.

Me Naiset Barbie’s 60th Birthday party article
This is one of my favourite works. I built up these small sceneries for Barbie doll’s 60th Birthday. It was great fun to plan all the interior for her home. Photos by Johanna Jarva. Me Naiset 31/2019, Sanoma Lifestyle. Read the full article here.

Me Naiset 12-17/2022
Illustration and photography for novel of Laura Malmivaara.

Me Naiset 9-16/2024
This illustration I made for a serial novel written by Maria Kuutti. It is about a woman who is writing love novels as job, and day dreaming of a love adventure. Somehow also the stories and reality mix in a these parallel worlds of the story. Original image by Shutterstock.

Me Naiset 36/2022
This illustration I made for a serial novel written by Päivi Alasalmi. It is about two parallel stories of a police officer man and widow woman, who meet each others in the end and fall in to love.

Me Naiset 31/2023
I made the illustration for this article written by Virpi Salmi about the phenomena of body hair – to shave or not?

Me Naiset Story
This is a serie of illustrations I made for Me Naiset magazine on summer 2018. The serial story “Sisareni elämä” (“My sister’s life”), included 8 parts, one in each magazine. The story was written by Anneli Kanto. The main character of the story went through a big metamorphosis of her life, and there came the idea of changing image each time graphically and colourwise. The original illustration was from iStockphoto, modified in InDesign.




Me Naiset Parfumes
Here is an collage illustration I made for Me Naiset women’s weekly magazine’s parfume article. The idea was to illustrate parfumes for different moods (peaceful, powerful, fresh sporty and sexy). Me Naiset, issue 44/2015.
Text by Ia Luhtanen, Photos by MVPhotos/Seasons Agency, Getty Images, Shutterstock, Juha Salminen and producers