Hidden films/Acorns Adventure’s part 1 and 2

These two little stop motion animation films we made together with Nina Farsen on summer 2015. Editing took a while, and sound was made later on 2017 by Maura Korhonen. I got a grant for making them from Grafia ry. The animations are based on a children’s book I am working on. It was a great project, and great learning process. Only for one minute of ready animation one needs crazy many hours of work. I used Dragonframe animation program for making the animations. Blow you can see some making of photos and a video. Unfortunately the size online has it’s limits, so the resolution is a bit blurry…


Making of Acorn’s Adventures part 1.



Setting and tools: glass frame on top of two shelfs, under that camera and one big green leaf, on top of the glass action and led lights hanging from the sealing.

Setting and tools.

Moving the characters on the glass frame.

All taped on the floor to avoid moving during the 12 hours shooting (did not really work…).

View on the screen, Dragonframe.

Setting on Acorn’s Adventures part 2. Real moss, light table with blue transparent foils on top as sky.

Working room.

Screen shot from Dragonframe.