Minne matka, lapanen?
Minne matka, lapanen? is a children’s picture book, which was published by Schildts & Söderström in Finnish and Swedish September 2014. The book is made with same technique like my previous book Missä, tässä, jossakin…. It is made with different materials, built as miniature worlds and landscapes and then photographed. The story is about a little knitted mitten who gets lost. Later it meets a small acorn and a bottle top. Their journey travels through four seasons, and exciting adventures. Here some images from the book.
You can buy the book HERE.

Sanottua kirjasta:
Helsingin Sanomat/Teema: “Leena Virtanen on vapaa toimittaja ja lastenkirja-aktiivi, jonka mielestä tämän vuoden paras lastenkirja on Suvi-Tuuli Junttilan visuaalisesti upea Minne matka, lapanen?”, 2014